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| The Humanifesto

Together, we can make all knowledge work meaningful work.

Work can be regenerative instead of extractive.

Work can be a source of connection instead of anxiety.

Refuse the robotic way of working we've inherited.

Join us in leading the way to more human work.

Our inherited work culture demands th
at we treat ourselves like machines.

It's ineffective. It's inhumane. And it's a freakin' drag.

This culture of ⛓️confined humanity⛓️ says that work & personal, head & body, are separated by some imaginary line.

It says we should postpone collective impact as we chase the corner office.

It says it's normal to contort ourselves into a 'work self' that doesn't make others too uncomfortable.

And the moment we consider doing things differently, it tells us that challenging the norm is too risky.

Well, we think it's time to start upsetting some apple carts. 🍎

We can all learn to lead with our whole humanity by developing Somatic Fluency.

By integrating somatic practices into our daily lives we expand our ability to bring all of ourselves to each moment: that full-fledged, messy-AF, authentic human-ness.

We help you develop Somatic Fluency via 3 core skill families:
1  Awareness  |  Ability to sense subtle physiological shifts
2  Resilience  |  Recovery from being off-center
3  Groundedness  |  Presence amidst chaos & uncertainty

Bucking the trend of mechanistic work means evolving work culture to reflect what it means to be human.

As leaders, it all starts within each of us.

That's how we live a life aligned with our gifts.

That's how we show up to our purpose.

That's how we create real change.

Martha Headshot.jpeg

Our leadership team would not be nearly as effective without this very special perspective and partnership.


It has totally transformed how we operate.

Martha Bitar
CEO, Flodesk

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