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Inner work is built upon meaningful relationships.

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oren shai

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Oren guides purposeful business leaders and teams in unearthing their most authentic and grounded selves.

He's at his most creative while listening to what you're saying and hearing what you're not. 😉

👉🏽 10+ years developing people within hyper-growth companies, having served in internal roles responsible for learning and organizational development (L&OD) and organizational change.

👉🏽 Masters in Organizational Psychology + applied team performance and collaboration research with top universities.


👉🏽Somatic (body-aware) leadership coach to startup Founders, CXOs and executives who are committed to modeling authentic, responsive, and empowering leadership.


Coaching style: whole-system aware, direct, playful, and high integrity, with social change as the outflow of individual change.

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This stuff changed my life.

I was stuck in my patterns as a leader and nothing was helping me get unstuck  -- not therapy and not other coaching.

My leadership has leveled way up, my relationships are better, and I finally feel like myself everyday.

Founder, SaaS

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